Wooden Mirrors Sheffield

Pleased customers with natural edge oak mirror frame.

We are pleased to welcome you

to our site but more than that we hope to get your ass down to the shop/workshop and get you feeling that wood, tactile! you better believe, when you walk past you give it a rub, you dont do that to plastic lol..

WoodMirrors are based

Mirror mad Abbeydale road S71TD also  in  Langton's Antique Centre 443 London Road Heely S2 4HJ we have a massive range of quality mirrors also picture framing so you could bring your pictures here for a quick framing job or if you want to spend go for a bit of gold leaf.

A lovely happy customer with a lovely happy Pippi oak framed mirror.

Truly one off mirror frames

Specially made for you, bit of bull I know but let's face it if you've bought that mirror from dum-hom mills for a  fiver ha ha yep that's why you look strange but my mirrors make you look like a God/Goddess ha ha not really ..

Picture Framing Morso Mitreing Machine